S'pore Line app users, beware: iTunes gift card scammers are targeting you

Scammers are targeting Singapore users of Line, a mobile messaging app, the police said.

So far, 33 cases have been reported.

Here's how it works: Culprits gain access to various Line users' account and pose as them.

Then the suspects send out messages to friends in the phones' contact list, asking them to purchase iTunes gift cards.

Not knowing that it is a scam, these friends would then buy the gift cards and send a photo of the redemption code.

By the time the ruse is discovered, the culprits would have redeemed the gift cards.

The victim would also not be able to sign into the app again using their existing password.

On the alert

The police have advised members of the public to be on the alert against this scam.

If you receive any unusual requests to make a purchase or assist in any form of transaction, do verify the authenticity by calling the account holder directly.

Alternatively, you can ask the account holder questions that are privy only between both parties.

The police also advised users of the various mobile messaging platforms like Line, Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp to consider the following:

1) Use strong individualised passwords of more than eight characters with numerical figures or capital letters

2) Change your passwords regularly

3) Do not disclose your profile identification publicly

4) Install anti-virus software on your mobile devices and update the software regularly.