S'poreans unfazed by restrictions

This article is more than 12 months old

They knew about the coup in Thailand and the nightly curfew, but they decided to visit Bangkok anyway.

University students Joanne, Heng Yin and Janice, all 23, left for the Thai capital yesterday.

The group, who declined to reveal their full names, spoke to The New Paper before they left.

They said they had booked their air tickets from a budget carrier three weeks before and will be spending five days in Bangkok.

The trip was meant to be their post-exam getaway.

They told TNP that their friends, who had arrived there earlier, had assured them that it is still safe for visitors.

Joanne said: "The curfew would place some restrictions on our plans. It should still be okay."

The three of them registered their Bangkok trip with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will allow the ministry to provide them updates on the latest situation in Bangkok.

Their parents, however, were uneasy about their trip.

Joanne said: "They tried to persuade us to postpone our trip, although they never tried to stop us from going."

The trio promised that they would not keep their parents worrying throughout their trip though.

Joanne said: "We're actually planning to get a phone card over there so that we can still keep them updated."

- Report by OH MING XUAN