Stalker hid under teen girl's bed for a night after sending her terrifying messages

This article is more than 12 months old

A stalker hid under a teenage girl's bed all night after sending her creepy, frightening messages.

He had texted the 16-year-old girl messages like "I'm watching you" earlier this month.

Kyle Ravenscroft, 18, had sent her messages saying that he was in her house and was "standing in the grounds". 

He also said that he "hoped she would wake up and find him hanging outside."

Frightened by these messages, she slept in her mum's room.

And just before she slept, he sent her another text reading "I'm in your house".

But the victim did not believe that he could be in her home.

Felt like she was being watched

When she returned to her own room the next morning, she was sitting on her bed when she sensed that someone was watching her.

She checked her room and eventually found him under her bed.

And when she asked Ravenscroft what he was doing there, he said that he had been asleep.

Before he was forced to leave by the victim's mother, he even stole the girl's phone and had broken the handle and lock to her daughter's bedroom window.

Ravenscroft, who plead guilty to stalking, has since been sentenced to 12 weeks behind bars, suspended for two years, and a supervision order.

Sources: Mirror Online