Star student's university place revoked because she is disabled

This article is more than 12 months old

A star student from Fujiang had her university admission revoked because she was disabled, reported local media.

Liu Wanling said that the reason given by her university was that she had "failed to meet the physical fitness test," reported CCTV News.

The student, Liu Wanling, said she had received a phone call from Jiangxia College's Admission Office asking her if she was agreeable to transfer to another comparatively less popular major.

She agreed but her admission was revoked soon after.

Revoked after serious evaluation: Admin office

The admission office told reporters that they had taken note of Wanling's condition, but after "serious" evaluation and consideration, they made the decision to revoke it.

This case has led to an impassioned response from online netizens.

One said: "This is very ridiculous. Obviously, it's discrimination against disabled people. The Admission office people are brainless!"

Another comment, from hxr52 said: "I've been thinking a lot on this issue. I feel really bad about it. It's so unfair. But kid, jiayou. I wish you good luck!"

Sources: CCTV News, Shanghaiist