Story of scarred girl asked to leave KFC a hoax? Family takes down FB page

This article is more than 12 months old

That story about a 3-year-old girl being asked to leave a KFC restaurant because the scars on her face were scaring customers?

Apparently, it's a hoax, according to a spokesman for the fried chicken franchise. 

And while the family posted a note on Facebook disputing KFC's latest statement, both a Facebook page and a site created to collect donations for the girl have been taken down, according to the site Scallywag & Vagabond. 

Despite that, the company said it will honour a pledge to donate US$30,000 (S$37,500) toward the girl’s medical bills to repair her deeply scarred and partially paralyzed face, reported Reuters.


The family of Victoria Wilcher said she visited a KFC outlet in Jackson, Mississippi, with her grandmother in May and staff told them her appearance was frightening other costumers.

“Like the rest of America, the KFC family has been moved by the story of Victoria’s injuries and recovery,” KFC spokesman Rick Maynard said in an emailed statement.

“After the alleged incident was reported to us, two investigations took place, including one by an independent investigator. Neither revealed any evidence that the incident occurred, and we consider the investigation closed,” he said. 

The person said the child and her grandmother could not be seen on surveillance videos from two KFC locations and records showed no orders matching the food the grandmother said she ordered. 

The family has received offers for free surgeries for Victoria and more than US$135,000 in donations as word of the alleged KFC incident spread.

Girl's family: 'It's not a hoax'

A screengrab of the family's post on Facebook disputing KFC's claim that the story was a hoax. The Facebook page has since been taken down. PHOTO: Facebook / Scallywag & Vagabond

A message posted on a Facebook page run by Victoria’s aunt said the newspaper got the story wrong. 

“I promise it’s not a hoax,” the message said. “I have personally watched this family go without to provide for Victoria. They have not and would not do anything to hurt Victoria in any way.”

Source: Reuters, Scallywag & Vagabond