Stray dogs pay respects to woman who fed them

A funeral for a Mexican woman had a few unexpected mourners.

A pack of stray dogs showed up at the funeral parlour in Mexican town of Yucatan earlier this month and laid down beside the coffin of a woman who had died days ago from an illness.

Ms Margarita Suarez (below) was an animal lover who had been feeding stray dogs and cats who showed up at her home every morning.

She also always carried a packet of pet food around when she went out so that she could feed other strays that she came across during her journeys, reported Mexican newspaper Misiones Online.

Staff at the funeral parlour allowed the animals to enter as they figured that they had come to pay their last respects.

On the day of the funeral on March 15, the dogs formed a line behind the hearse.

They only left when the body was being prepared for cremation, the Daily Mail reported.

"In pain, they jumped for joy, said Ms Suarez's daughter, Ms Patricia Urrutia. "It was wonderful."

She believes the animals wanted to thank and bid farewell to her mother, who had been so good to them.

Sources: Misiones Online, Daily Mail