Stretcher with dead body drops from truck

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A passer-by thought it was a tasteless prank when a dead body flew out of a coroner's truck last Friday. 

But the driver realised the dreadful error straight away and the passer-by Jerry Bradley then helped to remove the corpse, which was still strapped to a stretcher and wrapped in a white sheet. 

"Just when I thought I've seen everything," said Mr Bradleywhose post of the Pennsylvania incident on Facebook has been shared more than 2,000 times. 

"That's a dead body on a stretcher that launched out of the back of a coroner's vehicle in Feasterville."

Thankfully no harm was done to the female body, which was on the way to the morgue. 

Worn-out lock

According to Bucks County Courier Times​, coroner Dr. Joseph Campbell explained that it was the vehicle's worn-out lock that led to the mishap

The vehicle was retired right after the accident and the family has been informed. 

Dr Campbell said steps would be taken to assure that such a malfunction is never repeated, and new “double and triple” checks will be placed on its transport vehicles.

“It was a horrible thing,” the coroner said. “I can’t tell you how upset I was. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t make this up.”

Sources: Bucks County Courier Times, Facebook

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