Strictly ballroom: No to same-sex dancers?

This article is more than 12 months old

It's not just same-sex penguins that are causing a brouhaha.

Same-sex dancers may be banned from British ballroom competitions too.

British Dance Council (BDC) president Bryan Allen said the proposal followed complaints that mixed sex dance partners were "unfairly disadvantaged" in competitions against all-male couples.

The rule change would define a dance partnership as being "one man and one lady...unless otherwise stated", The Daily Mail reported.

 Mixed couples are "unfairly disadvantaged" in contests

Mr Allen said: 'There had been complaints from a number of people who felt they were unfairly disadvantaged by the participation of all male dance couples who are physically stronger."

The Guardian reported that a decision will be made on July 21, just before a major competition.

If the proposal goes through, same-sex couples can compete in same-sex-only categories instead of mainstream contests.

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