Student, 19, survives massacre by hiding in closet for 2 days and drinking lotion

She spent two nights hiding under a pile of clothes as Al-Shabaab gunmen opened fire in her school in Kenya.

Garissa University student Cynthia Cheroitich was forced to take cover in the cupboard as four masked gunmen from the Somali Islamist group went on a shooting rampage in the early hours of Thursday (April 2) morning.

For hours, the 19-year-old heard the screams of classmates as they were gunned down.

Even though Kenyan special forces halted the massacre 13 hours later, she was too terrified to come out.

She was only discovered on Saturday (April 4), two days after the incident - after one of her teachers persuaded her to come out of hiding.

Speaking in a video interview with Britain's Telegraph newspaper, she said:

"I drunk the lotion, the body lotion. In that place there was lotion and I drank all of them."

The pre-dawn attack killed 148 people, including 142 students, three police offices and three soldiers. 

AFP reported that the gunman were killed when Kenyan troops moved in on the dormitory where the gunmen were holed up and killed them. 

Sources: Telegraph, YouTube, AFP