Student kept university education a secret from mum

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We can't imagine a happier birthday surprise for mum than this.

For the past four years, Mr Liam Blair's mother thought he was in Perth working odd-jobs such as a fish factory worker.

In actual fact, he had been studying for a psychology degree at Dundee University in Scotland.

The 31-year-old only revealed the big secret on graduation day.'s a secret

The Scottish man took his mother Rhonda, 56, out on the pretext of an early birthday celebration.

At the eatery, he changed into his graduation gown and revealed to his mother the true reason for the outing.

The announcement was initially met with skepticism.

But upon realising the truth of his words, Mrs Blair was overcome with emotion and began to tear.

He said he had only meant to keep it secret until he was accepted to the university. But he later changed his mind.

But why keep it a secret at all?

The Courier reported him as saying: “I didn’t expect to be accepted on to the course."

"The thought of my mum’s reaction when I was to reveal it to her ended up acting as a strong motivator for me to see the course to the end."

Liar, liar

To keep everything hush-hush, Mr Blair had to tell many lies.

Mail Online reported him as saying: "The lies got more convoluted. I said that I was working, in many different jobs, and staying in a hotel in Perth."

At one point, she had even arranged to meet him in Perth, though Mr Blair somehow managed to sort it out.

Watch the video of the big reveal here.

Sources: Mail Online, The Courier

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