Students caught having sex next to HK bus stop

It was the culmination of his 19th birthday party celebrations.

But not being able to keep it in his pants has seen a student, reportedly from Inner Mongolia, arrested for public indecency.

The maximum penalty is six months in jail and a HK$1,000 fine (S$174)

The unnamed students were caught on camera at Ho Man Tin's Fat Kwong Street at around 4am on Wednesday (April 1).

The bus stop is outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University's student quarters though police believe that the students study at different universities.

The indecent act went on for 45 minutes before police arrived.

Videos of the pair, filmed on a phone, quickly went viral.

By the time officers arrived, the couple were fully dressed and sitting on the pavement.

The woman appeared to be drunk as when she was asked to stand up, her trousers fell down.

A source told South China Morning Post (SCMP) that it was only the second time the pair had met. 

They are believed to have been part of a group who had been celebrating the man's birthday at a pub in Kowloon Tong.

While poilce are still looking for the unnamed female student, she is said to have returned home to Beijing.   

The Man reported to Kowloon City police station on Thursday morning where he was arrested.

A veteran police officer told SCMP that this was the first time in Hong Kong that such an incident had happened in a public place.

He said: "It's happened under staircases, in alleys or in country parks, but not on a pavement." 


Source: South China Morning Post, Coconuts Hong Kong


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