Surgeon sacked after giving man a vasectomy by mistake

A surgeon in Liverpool has been sacked after giving a man a vasectomy by mistake.

The unidentified man had gone to the Royal Liverpool Hospital for a minor operation but received a vasectomy instead earlier this year, the Liverpool Echo reported.

It was reported that the man had underwent another procedure to reverse the vasectomy but the Liverpool Echo has now revealed that the procedure has apparently failed.

This means that the man can no longer have children naturally.

While there is not known whether the man will try to seek for compensation from the hospital, a clinical negligence lawyer  was quoted as saying that he could be eligible for more than £100,000 in damages (S$208,000).

Unreserved apology

The hospital has "apologised unreservedly to the patient".

The blunder is just one of five operations which Broadgreen Hospital, part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, had admitted to have botched in the last 12 months, reported the Liverpool Echo.

The only other botched procedure that was revealed was a  medical swab that was left inside a patient after a procedure.

"We are still in the process of investigating some of these incidents, including looking at how to improve the processes and systems in place and are taking appropriate action. We cannot comment on the outcomes of these investigations at this stage," said Dr Peter Williams, medical director at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust.

“Patient safety is always our priority and we use the lessons learnt from any incident to continually improve our standard of care," he added.

Source: Liverpool Echo