Susan Lim's hubby: Lawyers overcharged us

This article is more than 12 months old

The husband of surgeon Susan Lim, found guilty of overcharging her wealthy Bruneian patient, now accuses lawyers of overcharging her.

She lost her fight against the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) last year, after a court overturned Dr Lim's appeal.

Now, her husband, who is funding her case, is accusing SMC's lawyers of "grossly overcharging my wife by $637,009", The Business Times reported.

The medical watchdog's lawyers from Wong Partnership had submitted a bill of costs for about $1 million. Dr Lim then disputed the amount, which was eventually reduced to about $370,000.

Dr Susan Lim and hubby vs S'pore Medical Council lawyers

Overcharging claims - Dr Susan Lim and hubby vs Singapore Medical Council lawyers. PHOTO: The New Paper

Her husband, Deepak Sharma, then complained to the Law Society of Singapore, saying that the lawyers' actions were "dishonourable and constitute grossly improper conduct". 

A review committee dismissed part of his complaint.

He is now challenging the decision and asking for a judicial review.

He is also applying for well-known Queen's Counsel Michael Fordham to represent him - after over 20 Singapore Senior Counsel turned him down.

Source: The Business Times