Suspect caught sleeping after escaping proved too tiring

He thought he had found a corpse. It turned out it was just a lazy criminal.

A sanitation worker in Chongqing, China called police after finding a man lying still on the ground in a wooded area, reported Chongqing Morning Post on Wednesday (Jan 14). 

Thinking he was dead, he called the police. They approached the body, but it was soon clear that the cadaver was just asleep. 

The snoozing man claimed he was just taking a nap. On a pile of wood. In a forest clearing.

Suspicions raised, police conducted an identification check and soon realised the man had been arrested for drink-driving but had fled before he was convicted.    

The slumbering felon had used so much energy escaping  that he felt he deserved some much needed rest. 

Screengrab: China Daily


Source: China Daily, Shanghaiist, Chongqing Morning Post