Swedish cops chased handcuffed man in a row boat

This article is more than 12 months old

 Swedish police were forced to commandeer a row boat and give chase to a naked man whom they had earlier handcuffed on suspicion of sexual assault.

According to Swedish news outlet, The Local, this peculiar tale started off when the unidentified 26-year-old man arrived at a beach on the east coast of Sweden and was believed to have made "unsolicited sexual advances" toward a woman.

Her boyfriend tried to intervene but he got punched and kicked.

The commotion must have alerted passersby because the naked man was then apprehended by five other beach goers who then called the police.

However things did not go as planned. Despite being handcuffed, the naked man managed to escape the police. He ran towards a nearby pontoon, jumped in the water and swam away. 

All the while still being bound by handcuffs.

Police then gave chase in a row boat. 

After a few minutes of a low speed chase, the man was caught and is now under police custody for suspicion of assault and sexual assault.

Source: The Local


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