Sydney residents cause flower shortage as they pay tribute to victims of cafe siege

This article is more than 12 months old

While Sydney still remains shaken by the Sydney Siege that ended in the deaths of two hostages and the gunman, Australia has shown remarkably that love and solidarity ultimately triumphs over hatred.

Yesterday, The New Paper reporter on the beautiful #illridewithyou hashtag that took over Twitter when news of the siege broke.

It shows Australians acting in solidarity with Muslim Australians.

Today, the outpouring of love and support continues as Australia mourns the victims of the tragedy.

Sydney residents have been flocking to florists to buy flowers so they can pay respect at a makeshift memorial at Martin Place, where Lindt Cafe was situated.



Florists have since reported that they have run out of supplies.



Below is an example of the queues at florists. 


And here is a top view:



The #illridewithyou has spawned some to show support outside of just tweeting.



Muslim Australians in turn have responded to thank Australia.



Sources: The Daily Telegraph, Twitter