Taufik Batisah glad to have found 'special someone', hopes fans will respect couple's privacy

Local singer Taufik Batisah has spoken for the first time about his upcoming wedding in April.

And for fans trying to guess who his fiancee is, she is not from the entertainment industry.

And that's the only clue we have.

Here's the full statement from the former Singapore Idol winner:

“Thank you everyone for your kind words and well wishes. Similarly to how we have shared both joys and tears together throughout my career, I would also like to share this personal joy with all of you. I am glad to have finally found the special someone whom I can share my future with. She is not in the entertainment business… I have always been private in terms of my personal life thus I seek your kind understanding that I sincerely will like to protect her privacy. Going forward, I hope that my passion for work and my family can co-exist beautifully together. It will be a pretty hectic time for us leading to the wedding with all the preparations. I do hope that you will continue to support and pray for the best of us.”

Taufik's record label, Hype Records also commented:

"We are supportive of Taufik and respect his decision. We are truly happy for him and wish them a blissful marriage."

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