Taylor Swift's social media hijacked: Hackers threaten to release her nude photos

Hackers gonna hack hack hack.

Social media queen Taylor Swift had her Instagram and Twitter accounts hijacked earlier today.

The hacker posted several tweets on Swift's account asking fans to follow the @lizzard account.



That account is believed to belong to the leader of Lizard Squad: A group of hackers who have claimed responsibility for a wide variety of attacks on websites.

On their casualty list: Downing North Korea's Internet service and crippling the xXbox Live and PlayStation Network on Christmas Day.

They have also claimed responsibility for hacking Malaysia Airlines' site. 

The hacker also threatened to release naked photos of Swift if supporters choose to donate bitcoin to the group.

But Swift is coming back strong.


She also responded to the hacking with cheeky jokes, writing on Tumblr: "This is why I'm scared of technology."

Lizard Squad was also thought to be responsible behind the global outage of Facbook, Instagram and other social media accounts - a theory that Facebook has since denied.

In a statement, the production engineering manager at Facebook said the outage was due to an internal technical difficulty.

Source: AFP


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