Teacher manhandled, intimidated for banning sale of nasi lemak at M'sia school

A fight over the sale of nasi lemak at a school in Malaysia ended with two men in police lock-up.

Three men were upset with a 30-year-old teacher for barring one of them from selling the popular dish to students at Malacca High School since last week.

The teacher had said that it was against school regulations.

The trio decided to confront the teacher on Monday. They barged into the teacher's quarters within the school at 11.20pm.

Manhandling, intimidating 

State deputy CID chief superintendent​ P.R. Gunarajan said on Wednesday that all three acted aggressively towards the teacher, with one of them even manhandling and intimidating him.

He said: "They then attempted to drag the teacher out of the school compound in their bid to settle the nasi lemak issue.

"But the terrified teacher managed to free himself and rushed to the warden’s office, where he quickly locked himself in and called the police."

Flee the scene

The trio stood outside and screamed for the teacher to come out and face them.

Police arrived at the school at 11.40pm and arrested two men, aged 21 and 25. 

The three man managed to flee the scene.

The teacher later lodged a police report.

"The two have been remanded and we are looking for the third man," said Supt​ Gunarajan.

Source: The Star