Teen killed with gun he sold

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An Arizona teen was killed with a gun he had recently sold for US$150 (S$186).

Mr Elijah Williams, 18, was shot multiple times by Tyrone Moore, 24, on Sunday in Glendale, California, during an argument over another gun.

Mr Williams had illegally sold a gun to Moore, who was banned from owning firearms because he was on parole in California because of a sex-crime charge, reported Newser.

Moore, 24, (above) bought a gun from Mr Williams ​for US$150. He later used the gun to kill Mr Williams.

On Sunday, Mr Williams, Moore and Moore's cousin Hailes Cole, 18, were at an apartment complex.

AZCentral reported that Mr Williams had been quarrelling all day with Mr Cole over a gun that had been stolen during a burglary in a nearby neighbourhood.

Mr Williams then pulled out a gun and shot Mr Cole. Moore then shot Mr Williams multiple times.

Arrested by police

Police arrived at the apartment at around 1.20pm and found Mr Williams in the parking lot. They also found the injured Mr Cole at a nearby apartment.

Mr Williams died in hospital. Mr Cole, who took a shot to the head, was in stable condition on Monday.

Moore was arrested. Investigations are ongoing.

Sources: Newser, AZCentral

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