Teen pays respect to cop who was gunned down minutes after buying him food

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Daveon Scott, 16, was the last person to see San Diego Officer Jeremy Henwood alive on Aug 7, 2011.

Moments later, the cop was fatally shot.

But he'll never forget the good deed Officer Jeremy did: Buying the starving teen some cookies at a McDonald's restaurant.

On Aug 7 this year, he paid his respects to the cop.

Daveon was short on money when Officer Jeremy - a complete stranger - made small talk while waiting in line and bought him food. The cop told Daveon to work hard before leaving. The entire scene was captured on a surveillance camera.

Just minutes after the kind gesture, Officer Jeremy was shot in his patrol car by a man in an unprovoked attack.

Officers later shot the suicidal man, Dejon Marquee White, outside his apartment.

Sadly, Officer Jeremy didn't survive.

On Aug 7 this year a remembrance ceremony was held for the late cop, where Daveon paid his respects.

“This day is not just another day. It’s a day that your body feels cold. It makes me feel hurt and sad,” the teenager told NBC 7.

“I’m happy that I met the guy before it was his time to go because everything happens for a reason.”

When he first heard about the incident, Daveon was devastated.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he recalled. “I’m sad he had to go.”

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The teenager still thinks about the fallen officer and is thankful for that short moment he had with him.

“It changed my perspective on policemen. I used to not like policemen. Now I don’t think they’re bad," he said.

"We need them. Without officers it would be chaos in City Heights. It would be chaos everywhere.”

Officer Jeremy was featured in a film called Heroes Behind the Badge last year. The documentary featured law enforcement officers and their families as they dealt with the reality of injury and death on the job.

“I know he’s looking down on me right now, shaking his head like, ‘You’re a good kid, man,’” Daveon added.

A fundraiser was held throughout the day at the very McDonald’s branch where the pair first met.

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