Terminally ill patient's condition improves after emotional reunion with his pet dog

The saying that a dog is a man's best friend could not be more true for James Wathen.

The terminally ill 73-year-old patient, had stopped eating and was extremely weak. And hospital staff at his hospital in Kentucky had difficulty improving his condition.

So when Wathen whispered to a nurse that he missed his pet, a one-eyed Chihuahua named Bubba, the nurses did everything in their power to reunite the pair.

The staff had to work discreetly to make this reunion happen because the hospital banned the admission of pets.

They traced Bubba back to Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter where they found that the dog was staying with a foster family after Wathen was hospitalised.

The nurses were told that the dog had also been emotional following his separation from his owner.

Man and dog were finally reunited on Oct 11. Wathen immediately perked up as he played with his dog. 

The director of the animal shelter, Deanna Myers, said: "When Bubba was handed to James, he started to cry and then Bubba started to snuggle James and it makes you realise that animals are not just pets - they are loved ones."



The day after the reunion, nurses also reported that Wathen was eating properly and even sitting up without help. 

The hospital is now working to ensure that Bubba can regularly visit his owner - despite their no pets policy.

Source: The Independent, 6abc