Terrifying moments as baby and pram sucked onto railtrack, mum to the rescue

This article is more than 12 months old

A couple who placed their baby in a pram against a wall at a London Underground train station had the shock of their lives.

The pram turned and rolled onto the tracks, apparently sucked in by the wind created by a departing train, reported Metro.

In the incident captured on CCTV, the pram rolls out just after a train leaves the station.

Thankfully, mum reacts in time to jump onto the tracks and save the baby just before the next train arrives.

The parents of the baby had left the pram unattended, while seeing to other family members upstairs.

A gust of wind then swiftly turns and pushes the buggy onto the tracks.

The mum quickly reacts and puts herself in harm's way as she jumps down onto the tracks to rescue her child.

Thankfully, they just narrowly miss the oncoming train.

The family then leaves the station.

Chief Inspector Mark Lawrie of the British Transport Police said that they released the CCTV footage to identify the parents as they want to ensure the child wasn't injured as a result of the fall.

He added: "This was a frightening incident, not just for the scale of the danger the child was exposed to, but also because the woman then put her own life on the line by going onto the tracks."

Source: Metro, British Transport Police