Terror group ISIS claims to behead fourth victim, threatens another

A video released yesterday (Oct 3) appears to show a masked member from terrorist group Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) beheading a hostage.

The victim was identified as British aid worker Alan Henning.

The executioner blamed the death on the United Kingdom for joining the US-led bombing campaign against the group.

Henning was a taxi driver who joined a team of volunteers that traveled to Syria in December 2013 to deliver food and water to people affected by the country's civil war.

He was abducted the day after Christmas by masked gunmen, according to other people in the aid convoy, reported.

Henning was threatened in a previous ISIS video released in September.

If the footage is authentic, Henning would be the fourth Westerner that the terrorist group killed publicly this summer.

ISIS had previously released similar videos showing the beheadings of a pair of American journalists and a British aid worker, David Haines. Those videos also featured a masked man with a British accent.

At the end of the clip, the executioner then displays another hostage, identified as American aid worker Peter Edward Kassig, and says he will be executed if US-led airstrikes against the group are not stopped.

Intelligence officials in both the UK and the US reportedly are aware of the identity of the masked man who appeared in the earlier videos.

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