Thai men wanted backpacker to hang himself as scapegoat for double murders

The mystery of who killed the two British backpackers on Koh Tao island last week still remains unsolved.

But things took an even weirder turn when another backpacker claimed to have been approached by a group of Thai men in a bar.

Sean McAnna, 25, says the men approached him when he was in a bar on the beach in the early hours of Monday morning.

McAnna said: "Three of them sat me down and started asking me questions, and I was a bit drunk so I was answering them."

The men soon began asking him pointed questions about the murdered British tourists David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23.

They accused McAnna of killing them and told him: "You're going to hang yourself tonight - we're going to watch you hang".

McAnna believed that the men intended to use him as a "scapegoat" for the murders that happened on Sept 15. 

Fearing for his life, he took refuge in a 24-hours supermarket and called the police. 

The police have since questioned the men but they have not been arrested.

He feared that the men knew where he lived so he hid in the jungle until the next morning, when he finally took a ferry out. 

McAnna said as tears welled up in his eyes: "I genuinely thought that was the day I was going to die. I genuinely thought that this was me dead. That I was gone.

"I phone my mum... I told her I loved her and that I would try and make it home. I said that if this was going to be the last conversation that we had then it was a really sad one to have but she's been great and I love her."

The police have yet to made any headway into the investigation.

Source: Telegraph, Daily Mail