Thief gets caught after he forgets to log off Facebook

This article is more than 12 months old

A thief breaks into a home and then stops to check his Facebook. That, unfortunately for him, led to his arrest.

On June 19, 26-year-old Nicholas Wig from Minnesota in the US broke into a house and stole a watch, cash, credit cards and other valuables. Then, he couldn't resist the temptation of logging into his Facebook account with home owner James Wood's computer.

And, he only has himself to blame for forgetting to log off from his account before leaving the house.

Wood had come home to a ransacked house and found some valuables missing. But what really baffled him was a soaking wet pair of tennis shoes, jeans and a belt that he'd found in the house, the local CBS Minnesota news channel reported.

Using Wig's account, Wood posted a status stating that Wig had broke into his house and asked for anybody with information to call him.

Who would've thought, the culprit himself decided to text him the next day.

Speaking to the CBS Minnesota News, Wood said he'd replied to the text with, "You left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you.”

Wig and Wood then planned on meeting later that night where Wig assumed he would get his clothes back in exchange for a recycled cell phone Wig had stolen.

Wood called the police when he saw the culprit on the street while on his way home and Wig was arrested.


Source: CBS Minnesota , YouTube