Thief returns stolen memory card with photos of mother's dead son

This article is more than 12 months old

A mother was devastated after a thief stole her phone because it contained photos of her son Cole Bradley Fogle, who died when he was just two months old in February.

Patricia Harris feared that her precious memories of her son, who died of Sudden Infant Syndrome, were gone for good when she discovered that someone had stolen her bag, which included her phone, on May 30.

She then wrote a heartbreaking plea in a local daily begging the thief to return just the memory card because those photos were "irreplaceable".

Harris had even plastered her small town in Philadelphia with flyers hoping to reach out to the crook.

Thankfully, the thief grew a conscience.

Three days after the phone was first stolen, Harris discovered the memory card hanging from the mirror in her car.

She said happily: "It's back... It's really back."

Source: York Daily Record, New York Daily News