Three faiths to worship under one roof

This article is more than 12 months old

For as long as we can remember, places of worship for different religions have always been kept separate.

Side by side, yes. But not under the same roof.

But no longer.

In a historic move, a building will be built in heart of Berlin with a synagogue, church and mosque. It will also have a common area where worshippers of the different faiths can interact.

Each of the three areas will be of the same size, though of a different shape, The Daily Star reported architect Wilfried Kuehn (below) as saying.​

The project has received the backing of Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders.

The building, called the House of One, is set to be completed in 2018, reported Mail Online.

It will be paid for through crowdfunding. Symbolic bricks are being sold on the website at 10 euros (S$21) a block, Guardian reported.

The initiative hopes to raise 43.5 million euros by 2016. It has collected 18,990 euros so far.

Pastor Gregor Hohberg was quoted on the House of One website as saying: "The people who come here will remain true to their own religion, continue to draw from its power, and engage in peaceable dialogue with one another and with members of the city’s secular population. This house will be home to equality, peace, and reconciliation.”

Read about the House of One initiative here.

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