Three more bodies found from AirAsia QZ8501 flight found by Indonesian rescuers

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​Ships and planes of the multi-nation operation resumed the search for wreckage, bodies and black boxes this morning in the shallow waters of the Java Sea, off the coast of Borneo. 

Another three bodies were found this morning, including a flight attendant. This brings the total to six so far, said the head of Indonesia's search and rescue agency (Basarnas), MR F.H. Bambang Soelistyo.

Three bodies were found yesterday.

Plane possibly broke up when it hit the water

Fully clothed bodies could possibly indicate that the plane was intact when it hit the water. This could lend support to a theory that the plane suffered an aerodynamic stall and plunged into the sea.

A former pilot and chairman of consultancy firm Strategic Aviation Solutions said: "The fact that the debris appears fairly contained suggests the aircraft broke up when it hit the water, rather than in the air."

As such aviation experts believe that, weather permitting, the fuselage may be easily found by divers.

Source: Reuters

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