TNP Bonus Challenge is back

The New Paper Bonus Challenge is back, this time with new and more attractive prizes.

The Bonus Challenge will run from Nov 17 to Dec 21.

It is similar to the game Bingo, where readers have to match numbers published in The New Paper to those in a column on the TNP Bonus Challenge Cards.

But in order to claim their prizes, readers will have to answer a simple question on the spot.

They stand to win $100 in cash or a daily jackpot prize of $1,000.

The jackpot prize of $1,000 will snowball to the next day if it is unclaimed by 9pm.

Other prizes up for grabs include an iPad Mini 3 and a MINI folding bike.


Simply purchase your copy of TNP with a Bonus Challenge card every Monday.

Match the numbers against six daily digits in TNP from Tuesday to Sunday.

Complete any vertical row of numbers and claim your prize by answering a simple question.

Mr Jonathan See, 26, a financial adviser, won this year's TNP Bonus Challenge in April. He was the first person to win $8,000.

Go to here to find out how you can win big. 

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