TNP poll: 7 in 10 readers agree with proposed curbs on public boozing

Aye! The majority of those that TNP polled online agreed with the Bill that proposes to curb public boozing.

The Bill was discussed in Parliament on Monday (Jan 19).

Among the restrictions being debated:

  • No public consumption of alcohol at public places like parks and void decks from 10.30pm to 7am.
  • No take-away liquor sales after 10.30pm.

More than 200 people took the survey and 67 per cent agreed with these proposed curbs.

Meanwhile, three-quarters of respondents (or 150 readers) felt the proposed changes could benefit residents. 

About two-thirds also said they've come across drunk behaviour in their respective estates.

Here's a sample of their feedback, grouses and observations:


1) On drinkers who consume alcohol in public: They do not know how to clean up after themselves.

"Two men were drunk laying at the multi purpose hall with bottles of beer and rubbish strewn beside them.

"It was 8am in the morning on a Sunday, (when) residents were out and about."

2) On how public drinking can contribute to unruly behaviour:

"Few guys hanging around having alcohol, suddenly one of them who had a little more got high and started overturning the table as well as using vulgarity at the rest. 

"A fight broke out after that."

3) Personal encounter with drunken behaviour:

"It was late at night and my neighbour from the storey above knocked my door very loudly.

"He was so drunk, he didn't even know his way to (his) home."

Many also talked about rubbish that drunk revellers leave behind.


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