Tourist accidentally kills 73-year-old woman at Great Wall of China

Canadian woman was running down the steps at the Great Wall of China when she knocked into a 73-year-old Chinese woman.

The elderly woman hit her head on the wall and fell unconscious. She later died.

Said the victim's husband: "The foreigner was moving really fast. She was chasing (someone) and laughing and wanted to go between me and my wife."

The incident happened at the tourist attraction at around noon on Wednesday (April 8).

Police have concluded that it was an accident and have advised the family to seek compensation through civil channels, according to media reports.

The tourist, identified only as a 38-year-old woman with Fortin as her last name, has not been charged and will be returning to Canada on Saturday (April 11), reported Toronto Sun.

According to Global News, the victim's son said his mother was in good health before the tragic accident.

The Canadian Embassy in Beijing is assisting the tourist, reported CBC News.

Sources: Toronto Sun, Global News, CBC News