Trash bag filled with cats' heads found in Manchester

A council worker in Manchester made a gruesome discovery last week while investigating residents' complaints about rubbish being dumped illegally. 

In a trash bag dumped at the city's famous "Curry Mile", the worker found severed cats' heads. 

The Manchester City Council, which confirmed the report last Friday, said it has launched an investigation, and will be contacting the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the UK, reported the Manchester Evening News. 

A spokesman for the council called the incident "an extreme example of animal cruelty".

He added: "This is obviously an incredibly distressing and sickening incident which we are now looking into but this is the first incident of its kind we have come across."

According to the International Business Times, the council also announced today that the incident could have been "racially motivated", adding that the area where the gruesome cat remains were found is known for its Indian restaurants. 

Sources: Manchester Evening News