Travellers leave behind S$917,000 in loose change at US airport security checkpoints

How much money is left behind at airport security checkpoints each year? A lot, if the sum the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) collected is anything to go by.

Travellers left behind a total of about US$675,000 (S$917,000) in loose change at various US checkpoints last year.

The agency has pocketed the money for its own use.

TSA press secretary Ross Feinstein said in a statement on Tuesday (April 7): "TSA makes every effort to reunite passengers with items left at the checkpoint, however there are instances where loose change or other items are left behind and unclaimed.

"Unclaimed money, typically consisting of loose coins passengers remove from their pockets, is documented and turned into the TSA financial office."

The figure is a large jump from the US$383,414 collected in 2008.

So which US airports had the most loose change?

  Airport Amount
1 John F. Kennedy International Airport US$42,550.00
2 Los Angeles International Airport US$41,506,64
3 San Francisco International Airport US$34,889.63
4 Miami International Airport US$32,590.43
5 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport US$29,684.03
6 McCarran International Airport US$27,676.71
7 George Bush Intercontinental Airport US$26,839.01
8 Washington Dulles International Airport US$22,037.55
9 O'Hare International Airport US$21,068.69
10 Orlando International Airport US$20,757.81

Sources: Huffington Post, Fortune, CBS Boston

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