Truck driver rescues one-year-old and grandma from burning car

A Mississippi truck driver is being hailed as a hero after video footage emerged of his rescue of a woman and her one-year-old granddaughter from a burning car.

The grandmother was attempting to merge lanes on a highway in Mississippi when she crashed into a 18-wheeler truck. 

David Fredericksen, who was on the same road when the incident happened last Monday (Aug 11), immediately jumped out of his truck with a fire extinguisher. 

In the video description, his son wrote: "Luckily my father had a fire extinguisher on hand to fight back the flames (which gave) enough time to pull the driver and her one-year-old granddaughter out of the flaming vehicle.

"Once the passengers (were) free from the vehicle the flames rapidly (grew) in strength consuming the vehicle."

The grandmother and her granddaughter are safe, though the latter did suffer a broken leg. 

The best quote comes from Fredericksen himself, who told website Jalopnik:

"I don't feel it's heroic. Really what I feel is when I first got out of the truck, I was praying that they wouldn't be dead. I just wanted to put the fire out, but when I saw they were alive, I was like 'SWEET!'"

Source: Jalopnik, YouTube