Two arrested over withdrawals from MH370 passengers' accounts

A bank officer and her husband have been arrested by Malaysian police in connection with the RM110,643 (S$43,660) missing from the accounts of four MH370 passengers. 

According to the police, the bank officer has been working for the bank for 10 years, reported The Star. 

She was arrested at her home in Ampang, while her husband was nabbed at a car workshop in the same area. 

Earlier, police said that the suspects had transferred funds from three passengers' accounts into the account of a fourth passenger. 

The affected accounts belonged to two Chinese nationals, and two Malaysians, including a steward on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. 

Of the total amount, RM35,000 was transferred to another account, belonging to one of the suspects, a Pakistani man. 

The man is believed to have fled with the money. 

Police have advised relatives to monitor the bank accounts of passengers on the missing flight. 

Source: The Star





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