Two friends pay penalty for sex abuse

They took advantage of their former secondary schoolmate after she passed out drunk after a series of drinking games.

One sexually assaulted and molested the victim, now 29, and another took photos of her in various states of undress and in compromising positions.

The men, both 29, were sentenced to jail yesterday.

The one who sexually assaulted her will get seven years in jail and nine strokes of the cane, while his friend who took the photos was sentenced to 19 months in jail.

The former is appealing the sentence and the latter is considering an appeal.

Convicted in November after 49 days of trial, they were offered bail of $30,000 and $25,000 respectively. To protect the victim's identity, they cannot be named.

The victim had been invited to a reunion at a Bukit Panjang flat in 2009 and believed other school friends would be there. She arrived to find only the men, whom she had known for nine years.

As the alcohol wore off, she called other people and made a police report.

District Judge Marvin Bay said that both men were gainfully employed and successful in their chosen fields, which may be a reason why they chose to contest the charges against them.