Two men sue after dumping their million-dollar lottery ticket

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Two men checked the lottery website to see if their numbers would earn them the US$338 million jackpot (S$423m).

It didn't match. So Salvatore Cambria and Erick Onyango of Suffern in New York threw away one of the three tickets they had bought.

They only realised the next day on March 24 last year that the numbers on the website had not been updated and that they actually had a winning ticket.

By then, the ticket was already on its way to the landfill.

The duo had matched five of the six winning numbers, which would have got them US$1 million.

Now, the pair are suing the New Jersey Lottery, arguing that it is at fault for not posting the right numbers online more quickly, reported.

Winning ticket

They claim that their two other tickets can prove that they had a wining ticket.

The remaining tickets have serial numbers one above and one below their winning ticket’s.

Sources: NY Daily News,

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