Typhoon Neoguri makes waves around the web

This article is more than 12 months old

Typhoon Neoguri was downgraded from a super typhoon to a storm by late Wednesday after losing strength, reported CBC News.

But it toppled trees, flooded cars and bent railings in Okinawa, which experienced strong winds and its heaviest rainfall in a half century.

According to The Japan Times, at least four people have died while the Okinawan raised the injury toll to 30. 

Some 593,000 Japanese have evacuated their homes as the nation prepares for it to make landfall on Thursday on Kyushu Island. 

Advisories have been issued for families to stay indoors. Photo: AFP

Major cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo could yet be affected.

Here are some moments of the storm we captured around the web: 

Raw footage showing the effects of the strong winds, such a car being flipped over.

Waves ravaged the Japanese shores as the typhoon is expected to make landfall on Thursday.

A beautiful shot of the typhoon from space.

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​ Sources: CBC News, The Japan Times, Twitter, YouTube