Ugandan maid jailed for slapping, kicking, sitting on 18-month-old toddler

(Warning: The video contains graphic content.) 

A Ugandan maid was jailed for four years on Monday for abusing a toddler in a case that shocked the country after a graphic video (above) of the assault was made public.

The 22-year-old maid, Jolly Tumuhiirwe, originally pleaded guilty last week to torture.

But the charge was later reduced to abuse, to which she also pleaded guilty to on Friday.

Chief Magistrate Lillian Buchan told Tumuhiirwe she had committed an “unjustifiable and inexcusable” crime.

She gave her a four-year sentence due to the “ruthlessness exhibited” on an “innocent, helpless child”.

Hidden camera

Worried parents, who installed a hidden camera to film the situation when they were at work, were shocked to see the footage showing the maid throwing their 18-month-old daughter to the floor.

Tumuhiirwe is seen trying to force feed the child, before slapping her hard.

After the girl vomits, the maid throws her face down on to a hard floor, then hits her with a torch on the bottom.

She kicks the child’s face and stomach before putting her entire weight on the girl’s back, and then drags her out of the room, apparently unconscious.

The child was left bruised and shaken by the incident.

The video has been seen or shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

Tumuhiirwe remained emotionless as her sentence was handed down in a court in Kampala.

Source: AFP

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