Ugh, #thanksmichelleobama for our gross school lunches, say US students

Is that the school lunch?

It looks gross! And American school students are sarcastically thanking First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama for the unappetising fare.

Mrs Obama is getting the blame because she has been an active advocate of healthier options in public lunch programs.

Her "Let's Move" campaign aims to lower America's obesity and diabetes rate by introducing more whole grains, fruits and vegetables - and Healthier lunches in school are part of the move.

Disgruntled with their suspicious-looking cafeteria lunches, students have since started the #thanksmichelleobama hashtag, which has gone viral in a matter of days.

Take a look at some of their meals. *shudder

What is this mystery mush?



This is supposed to be baked beans. 



Erm... what exactly is this?



But some politicians have come out to in Mrs Obama's defence. She isn't to blame for these lunches.

Political strategist Christine Pelosi, who is also the daughter of California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, said that district officials should be held responsible for deciding what food is prepared.

Some other schools have also tweeted photos of their more appetising healthy lunches to counter the criticism.



Yet others criticised the teenagers themselves.



Source: USA Today




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