UK bank loses $1.7m to conman because hungry manager did not want his fish and chips to go cold

Hunger can drive people to do crazy things. Just ask Umar Mughal.

The 27-year-old NatWest bank manager approved the transfer of a whopping ​£830,000 (S$1.7 million) without doing the proper checks because he didn't want his fish and chips to get cold.

That action proved costly.

The customer was not 91-year-old wealthy client Alexander Gamble, but a conman. And the transfer resulted in Mr Mughal being investigated for fraud.

The incident happened on May 9, 2012. He was cleared of the charge, the Mirror reported on Monday.

Mr Mughal said: "When it comes to this transaction, do I want to put it on here that I gave £800,000 to someone else because I wanted to eat my fish and chips?"

Sadly, he didn't even get to enjoy his meal.

By the time he was done, his fish and chips had got cold.

Source: Mirror

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