UK girl, 8, tortured to death by mum and her lover, wrote in letter: 'If I be rude then nobody will like me'

Eight-year-old Ayesha Ali knew she was a naughty child. After all, her mother had told her so. Many times.

She told lies. She huffed and puffed. She pulled faces. She didn't listen. She didn't put her shoes in her right place.

The girl wrote in a letter: "I will change, no matter what! If I be rude then nobody will like me! Being thought bad, naughty and mean, it's getting to be very upsetting."




What the little girl didn't know was that her mother's girlfriend hated her and was turning her mother against her.

On Aug 29, 2013, Ayesha was found dead at her home in London with around 50 injuries including a bite mark and carpet burns.

On Wednesday (March 4), Ayesha's mother, Polly Chowdhury​, 35, and her lesbian lover Kiki Muddar​, 43, were found guilty of manslaughter.

The court heard that Muddar created a Facebook account for a supposed spiritual guru, and used it to tell Chowdhury to discipline her child and stay in a relationship with Muddar.

The pair would punish Ayesha severely, including force-feeding the girl till she was sick, and would take turns to scare her in her bedroom by wearing a mask.

Muddar can be heard in a recorded telephone call with a friend a month before the killing describing the girl as "pure evil" and "witch" and threatening to drown her.

On the night of the girl's death, Muddar had given her a cold bath for wetting herself.

In the months before her death, Ayesha had written letters, two of which were presented in court.

It showed an "intelligent and loving" girl who tried her best to please her mother.




The court heard that Chowdhury and Muddar were neighbours in 2007. But Chowdhury's husband moved the family to get away from Muddar's influence, reported BBC News.

Muddar eventually found the family again, and the marriage fell apart.

Beside creating a fictitious account for a spiritual guru, Muddar also created a Facebook account for a "Jimmy", which she used as a pretext to having sex with Chowdhury.

Huffington reported Chowdhury as saying: "Everything changed about her (Muddar) when she had sex with me ... Skyman (the spiritual guru) was doing us a favour because me and Jimmy were not allowed to see each other.

"It was like his soul in her body like in the film Ghost."

Innocent and defenceless girl

The Guardian reported Detective Sergeant Andy Nimmo as saying: "Ayesha Ali was an innocent and defenceless eight-year-old child caught up in a bizarre set of circumstances and manipulated by two adults who were intent on causing her harm.

He added: "Ayesha should have been able to turn to one person who she could trust – her mother – but Chowdhury had allowed herself to become influenced by Muddar and together they inflicted serious emotional and finally physical harm on Ayesha."

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