UK judge orders pregnant teen to give birth behind bars

This article is more than 12 months old

Is prison the most stable place for a newborn baby? A judge in the UK thinks so.

Judge Simon Newell jailed troubled teen Natalie Harvey for 12 months and ruled that she would have to give birth in prison.

Harsh? Not quite.

Mail Online reported that the 19-year-old​ has already racked up 26 convictions, of which several are for violent behaviour. She also has an anti-social behaviour order​ banning her from visiting certain places in Lancashire.

The Mirror reported the judge as saying: "You have an awfully sad life and background behind you and what's vitally important, it seems to me, in the next two or three months, in your interests, in your child's interests, but more particularly in society's interests, is that there is some stability, some proper medical help and some assistance."​

Harvey wanted to give birth outside of jail, but had not been attending her ante-natal appointments or co-operating with social services, reported The Citizen.

Her latest conviction comes after she attacked a woman in a McDonald's restaurant.

Harvey, who had her first child at 16, is due to give birth in August.

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