Uni students hold protest: We want better sex education!

This article is more than 12 months old

A group of 11 students at Beijing Normal University held a demonstration this week.

Their demand: Better sex education at China's colleges.

The girls and solitary guy held up signs that read: “Adult videos can’t be our sex education; universities must say yes to sex education” and “We want to enjoy safe sex lives”.

“My own sex education was practically nothing,” one protestor, Dada, told iCrossChina.

Her own boyfriend, for instance, thought menstrual blood was blue, as shown in sanitary pad advertisements.

The abysmal state of sex education in China has long been noted and discussed.

Porn videos: Not your best source of info

“In China, most men pick up sex knowledge from adult videos, but these contain unfiltered information leading to misunderstandings about relationships,” Lu Peiwen, the only male demonstrator from Xi’an International University, was quoted as saying.

 “Bridging the gap between genders can remove those misunderstandings,” he added.

“College is the last chance to get a systematic education,” Xiao Ying, a protestor from Beijing Forestry University, said.

"After graduation, most students marry and need to educate their own children," she added.

Sources: Shanghaiist, iCrossChina