UPDATE: Eye-witness describes slashing at ITE College West

Two youths were involved in a slashing incident at ITE College West in Choa Chu Kang.

The New Paper has spoken to an eye-witness, Miss Syaza Syazwani, 17, a first-year business student.

According to Syaza, the attack happened at the piazza around 12.30pm

“It happened out of the blue. The two didn’t say anything, they just started pushing each other."

Some students tried to stop the fight, but to no avail.

Sayaza says that the man dressed in black fell backwards, before getting back up and continuing the fight.

Other students gave the altercation a wide berth. Then it escalated.

“The guy in white then took out a parang and slashed (the man in black) on the wrist,” says Syaza.

“There was blood everywhere.

"I was terrified."

A security officer shouted for the youths to stop fighting but he was unable to stop them.

Then the youth in black ran to a car park about 30 metres away, followed by the blade-weilding aggressor.

She is unsure of what happened next, only that the man in white returned to the piazza followed by a female student who was confronting him, shouting:“Want fight? Fight lah!” 

They continued to argue until the police arrived.


This video was posted to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Voice 1: What's that... a knife?

Voice 2: *singing* You are stealing my heart...

Voice 1: That a knife?

Voice 2: I don't know. He's whacking (the other guy) as if it's nothing.

Voice 1: Eh, is that an outsider?


There is also footage taken at much closer range





Some images of blood on the ground have been posted




A picture of one of the youths receiving treatment has also been posted on Twitter

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