US aircraft bomb Islamic State artillery in Iraq: Pentagon

This article is more than 12 months old

Two US aircraft on Friday bombed Islamic State extremist positions in northern Iraq after artillery fire near US personnel, the Pentagon said.

The raid – the most significant since the United States withdrew from Iraq – came a day after President Barack Obama authorised force as he voiced fears of genocide against minorities.

Two US F/A-18 aircraft dropped 225kg laser-guided bombs on a mobile artillery piece near the Kurdish region’s capital of Arbil, said Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby.

The United States bombed the position after Islamist fighters shelled Kurdish forces defending Arbil, where US personnel are stationed, he said.

The strike, carried out at 1045 GMT (6.45 pm, Singapore time on Friday), targeted the Sunni Muslim extremist movement Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that has swept across Syria and Iraq.

On Thursday, the United States dropped thousands of gallons of drinking water and 8,000 packaged meals to Yazidis who risk starvation as they cram onto Mount Sinjar.

Source: AFP


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