US couple had children grow up around dog poo, cockroaches, drugs

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What is living in a filthy home like?

It's not just dirty laundry on the floors, cluttered conditions, damaged walls and urine-stained carpets.

It's also having dog faeces next to the children's toys, dirty dishes with rotting food, flies and cockroaches, stale food on a baby’s highchair.

Add the marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the living room and bedroom to all that mess.

On Tuesday, the couple living in this filthy home in Florida was arrested for child neglect, animal cruelty and marijuana possession, reported.

Officers found the home of Dustin Deck, 28, and Katie Renner, 27, in “deplorable condition", the Polk County Sheriff's Office stated in a Facebook post.

Their children, aged one and aged five, have been placed with a relative, Mail Online reported. 

According to the arrest affidavit, Renner told deputies the conditions were appropriate in her home and the children were happy, and that people who did not like her house need not visit. 

Animal cruelty charges

The house also had seven adult pit-bull dogs and eight pit-bull puppies. They have since been removed from the property.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office's Facebook post said the dogs had no access to fresh or clean water and that the garage they were in was littered with faeces and urine.

These horrendous living conditions were uncovered when officers were looking for Deck, whom Renner had accused of domestic violence earlier in the day at a petrol station.

The couple have been charged with child neglect, possession of marijuana, animal cruelty, domestic violence battery, among others.

He has been arrested 12 times and jailed twice before, while she has been arrested five times before.

Take a look at the filthy home

And the poor dogs.

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