US driver caught for jamming handphones

This article is more than 12 months old

An American was sick of people using their mobile phones while driving.

So Jason Humphreys, 60, carried a signal jammer in his Toyota Highlander to disrupt phone usage around his vehicle.

He fought phone signals for two years before the law caught up with him, reported New York-based magazine Complex.

His luck ran out when a telco reported interference to their phone towers’ signal during commuting hours, reported The Independent. 

For his vigilantism, he was fined US$48,000 (S$60,000). 

It is not illegal to make a phone call while driving in Florida.

Jammers banned

But jammers are banned in the US because they can interfere with devices used by ambulances and other emergency responders.

“The moral issue is that it is just very dangerous,” police spokesman Larry McKinnon told The Independent.

Sources: The Independent, Complex


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