US mum kills kids by putting plastic bags over their heads

A 24-year-old mother suffocated her two young children in the wee hours of Sunday by putting plastic bags over their heads.

Sonya Spoon confessed to killing her one-year-old son Ayden Spoon and three-year-old daughter Kayla Thompson in their Maryland home over the weekend.

Police received a call about two unconscious children at a house in Prince George's County.

Mirror reported police major Cesar Pacheco as saying: "Both victims were found to be in distress and experiencing difficulty breathing."

Custody battle

The children were rushed to hospital, where they died a few hours later.

"(Spoon) provided a very detailed statement implicating her involvement in the death of her children," said the police major.

He added: "Bags were placed over the children's heads - we are still exploring what the motive was at this time."

Spoon was reportedly in a custody battle with Kayla's father, Mr Lester Thompson.

She is being held without bail.

The young mother had often posted photos of her children on Twitter.











Sources: Mirror, Mail Online, WTOP, CBS Baltimore, New York Daily News

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